Some MS printers (such as MS JP4) has an internal protection on the machine that only accepts their Rip to print. 

To connect neoStampa with the machine you need an access code from MS.


Please, follow these steps:


1. Get the Id number from the JP4

Access to the main menu (as administrator) and select the “two wheels” icon, on the following screen select the “Key” icon. On the bottom of the screen you will see the “SysID number”, this is the number that MS will request from your side.


2. Inserting the activation code

- Under the SysID number click on the first white empty line and insert the activation code. Once you finish press return and you will notice that “inEdit” name will show up on the line.

- Go back to the main menu and put the machine in ready position.



3. Go to neoStampa and select printer configuration to insert the JP4 IP adress.

- You will get the IP number from the machine main menu —-> press the two wheel icon —-> press “computer” icon and you will see the Ip


4. Put the machine on ready mode and do the test print on neoStampa.


Now you should be able to print.


Important note:

Before you do the print test the JP4 has to be on “Ready” position if you don’t, neoStampa will give you an error message.

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