Affects Version/s: 6.9, 8.0, 8.1


We have a RGB+Alpha channels image in Photoshop and we want to export a colorway in RGB+Device colours with the same RGB image and applying a ink set in the alpha channels.

To do this process we have to be sure the profile of the neoStampa scheme for RGB+Device colours is installed in the system profiles.

Step-by-Step Guide

In this example we have a RGB image in 1858_1DOT.icc colour profile with one alpha channel and we want to make a colorway in Zimmer_Colaris_CMYKORBk scheme applying a orange ink in the alpha channel.

1.- Convert source image to the profile of neoStampa scheme in Photoshop. In our sample is the 'ZIMMER_CMYKORBk_24_06_v3' colour profile.

2.- Enter in nT Colorations. The module will make a new colorway using the default colorway profile.

NOTE: We have to have the nT Colorations preference 'Use all the channels when returning to initialise the module' checked.

3.- Open the colorway options and assign the profile of the neoStampa scheme in the colorway.

4.- Open the colorway options and convert to RGB+Device colours to the neoStampa scheme.

5.- Edit the colour channels.

6.- Export the colorway using 'Generate background document' with neoRipMonitor

Sample Files

To reproduce the document sample:

1.- Download and decompress 'Zimmer_Colaris_CMYKORBk' neoStampa scheme.

2.- Install the neoStampa scheme in 'InSwRipSettings' folder

3.- Install the neoStampa scheme profile in the system profiles folder.

4.- Download and open in Photoshop the source image 'Flores fuccia+alpha.tif'

5.- Follow the steps in the document.