We have a hybrid design (RGB+Alpha channels image) in Photoshop and we want to export a colorway in RGB+Device colours with the same RGB image and applying a ink set in the alpha channels.


From neoStampa

This option, situated in the upper context menu, exports calibrations schemes to Inèdit's neoTextil Colorations program. This is a useful tool in case you want to print colorways with the specified scheme using device colors.

When clicking on the button the search dialog opens. You are required to select the directory:  C:\Users\Public\Documents\Inèdit Software\InSwRipSettings 
After accepting the directory, the scheme will be synchronized, and it can be used for neoTextil Colorations.

From Printer schemes

1. Using neoStampa schemes for device inks colorations, copy/paste the schemes in the following paths:

  • macOS:    /Users/Shared/Inèdit Software/InSwRipSettings
  • Windwos: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Inèdit Software\InSwRipSettings

Step-by-Step Guide

In this example we have a hybrid design and we want to make a colorway in Zimmer_Colaris_CMYKORBk scheme applying a orange ink in the alpha channel.

1 . Enter in nT Colorations. The module will make a new colorway using the default colorway profile.

2. Open the 'Colorway options' and convert to RGB+Device colours to the neoStampa scheme.

3. Edit the colour channels.

4. Export the colorway using 'Generate background document' with neoRipMonitor.

Sample Files

To reproduce the document sample:

1.- Download and decompress 'Zimmer_Colaris_CMYKORBk' neoStampa scheme.