version: before 3.4

Inedit products support two types of activation: USB protection  and UUID.

USB protection (dongle)

The dongle is a hardware device that you can connect to a computer's parallel or USB port. The product is authorized to run on that computer as long as the dongle remains connected. This dongle will activate the software when provided an XDAT file, or the activation code is introduced. Supports multiple Inedit products activations.

 UUID format (Universally unique identifier)

Activations with UUID format do not require to plug-in any hardware devices. It will use an unique identifier number that will activate the program when provided an .XDAT file, or the activation code is introduced in the required field.

Activation Manager

The activation dialog opens with required fields that must be filled or selected:

  • Select the required dongle. Refresh the dongle search with icon    if you have plugged in another dongle from Inedit.
  • Name and Surname (required*)
  • Email (required*)
  • Company (required*)
  • Enter provided activation code or choose provided activation .xdat file.
  • Click on Activate to finalize the activation
  • With Request new licence you can ask for a license. A new email window opens, ready to be sent to