Affects Version/s: All versions.


1. Download neoMatch from the Download section of our website.

2.  Unzip the file and move it to the folder Applications.

3. Run the Application. Sometimes, for security reasons, you might have to right-click on the application and click on Open.

If this warning appears, please click on Open again.

Once we've open the application, we can right-click on the icon to keep the shortcut of the application on the dock.


Activation can be done with USB dongle key or UUID (computer's fingerprint).

1. Start neoMarch and a register window will appear. If you've been provided with an .xdat file, load it and the program will be activated. If doesn't open, it can be access through the menu neoMatch | Activation Manager.

2. If we want to try out the software, we just have to register and ask for a demo. Afterwards, we'll need to activate our registration through a link we'll receive on our registration email.

3. Start the 30-days trial license. Once the trial period is finished, we can contact Inedit Sales Department to acquire the software.

 For more information, please consult neoMatch Installation and Activation manuals on our website.
In case of doubt or for further information, please contact Inedit Techical Support.