Affects Version/s: From neoStampa 8.3.5 upwards and all versions of neoStampa 9. Some alpha channels options only available from 9.0.7 onwards.

White ink is generally used to create a white opaque underlayer when printing on a non-white surfaces, usually black or coloured garments (T-shirts, sweaters, etc.). We support several printers, if yours is not yet on the available list, please contact us.

White inks have to be set up on Calibration Wizard when building the scheme. Please be aware that if we change the values of white ink once the scheme is finished, the colour results will change and we'll have to repeat the calibration process. We're able to set up different whites (White, White2, etc.) for different white colour channels, and with different settings.

When we start Calibration Wizard and we set up the inks, we can configure different White Inks on Custom Inks Setup, selecting this ink on the right printing head and clicking on the White button on the right, which will open the Settings menu.

The options we can use for white inks are:

  • Copy from extra channel uses a Photoshop alpha channel as a guide to print White ink. Every white channels picks an alpha channel in the order they're set up on Photoshop (first white ink will get information from first alpha channel, second white ink from the second alpha, etc.)
  • Dark and Coloured Media covers the entire design (except the white pixels) with white ink. If the image has a transparent background, the program will detect it and will print only on the opaque regions. 
  • Black Media is similar to the previous option, but it will detect the regions with black ink and won't print a white layer underneath to improve both consumption and result. 
  • Highlight White is used with a secondary white ink channel to improve parts of the image with only white. This can be set automatically on Amplitude (default value is 20%). 


Every part of the image that has background, we have a white layer.


Every part of the image that has background, we have a white layer, except for regions with black ink.

Other options on the menu:

  • Intensity defines the quantity of white ink we'll use, by default it set up at 100%.
  • Choke options reduce the amount of ink around the edges of the printed color,  currently only works on neoPrintServer.

For more information, please consult neoStampa manual on our website.
In case of doubt or for further information, please contact Inedit Techical Support.