Affects Version/s: All versions.

We can access neoMatch preferences by clicking on the menu File | Preferences and a panel like the following will appear.

We recommend using the following settings:

  • Minimum and Maximum ∂E at 1 and 3 respectively. 
  • Delta E Type set at ∂E94 (Graphic Arts) or ∂E94 (Textiles), depending if our measurements are in D50 or D65 (respectively); or ∂E2000 (in both cases).
  • Depending on the job we're doing, a different Render Method has to be set. If we're printing with neoStampa, we should choose the same we use there. If we're matching colours for Photoshop or Illustrator it's generally Perceptual, if we're matching colour libraries for neoStampa, Absolute Colorimetric.
  • Recommended Bits per Component are 16 bits. If we work with EPS or PDFs, we should also activate the High Precision option on neoStampa, either in Global Preferences or on the PDF rendering options of our colour schemes.

For more information, please consult the neoMatch manual on our website.
In case of doubt or for further information, please contact Inedit Techical Support.