This function is made for neoCatalog users that want to display terms and conditions agreements in text form that must be accepted before designs and digital colorways are published/updated from user interface and nC Panel.


  1. Go to Administration, enter the advanced preferences (to unlock use the Konami Code, see article). 
  2. Search for the preference show_terms_for_upload preference and enable it with YES. If it does not exist, create it with the same name and add value YES.
  3. Create the Terms and Conditions document. It must have this exact filename and extension: legalAgreement_uploads.txt
  4. Copy the legalAgreement_uploads.txt into the Licenses folder in your neoCatalog.

How it works

Later when publishing or updating design, a dialog appears that requires to be accepted before continue importing files.

  1. Once the file is uploaded, you are required to click on "Accept Terms" button.
  2. The "Terms and Conditions" dialog opens where you need to click on the check-box and continue.
  3. The importation of the designs will start.
neoCatalog UI
nC Panel

NOTE: Inèdit does not provide agreement templates.

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