When I start and log in neoCatalog and then I start the nC neoCatalog Panel, I get a "No neoCatalog found." message so I do not see and cannot access my catalog.


1. To see the catalog in the nC neoCatalog Panel, you need to enable the "neo_enable_bonjour" advanced preference and save it. If you are using an old neoCatalog version, you will not find the preference and you will need to create it.

2. Restart your neoCatalog.

3. Now your catalog is listed and accessible from the nC neoCatalog Panel.

4. If for any reason "Bonjour" fails and is not detected, you can always link with neoCatalog manually. To do this click on the "Add neoCatalog" button and follow the instructions.

5. If all these fail, please check your network's conditions.

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