Notifications is a system service in neoCatalog to notify users about several in-app and email user notifications for different kind of issues and activities.

To access the Notifications management, go to Settings, Administration, Management and Notifications, which is a listed option in 'Accounts'.

Once entered 'Notifications', you can search, select or edit such types. When selecting one type you will see its contents at the center of the page.

  • Title (fixed, cannot be changed)
  • Level of the issue type:
    • Message: A communication containing some information, news, advice or request.
    • Warning: A communication that warns, give notice, or caution.
    • Error: A communication that informs about a mistake in action.
    • Critical Error: A communication that informs about a troublesome mistake in action.
  • Description (can be newly defined)
  • Suggestion (can be newly defined)
  • Mail (Notification) (check it to enable the email sending)
  • Allow duplicates (check it to enable one issue to be registered and notified each time it is called, else the issue is registered and notified only once)
  • Notify to user (select the user that you want to notify and press  to include the user to the notice order)

Finally in the notifications list, check the box to enable to send the email to the selected user. As soon the notification is enabled and a new issue is created, email notifications will be send to that user.