neoCatalog's desktop app is the best way to use neoCatalog on a macOS or Windows. Along with the features available in your browser, the app loads the app services more quickly, gives you more control over usability, and has better support for multiple workspaces. 

There are two ways to download neoCatalog for macOS or Windows: You may obtain the installation file .dmg (Mac) or .exe (Windows) by purchasing neoCatalog or downloading it from Inèdit's website. Download neoCatalog according to the directions you received and install neoCatalog following the steps. 



1. Once the download is complete, open a Finder window and select your Downloads folder. Double-click the installer file to reveal the neoCatalog app icon, if it’s not already there. 

2. By default, the program directories are /Applications or /Users/Home/Applications. Drag and drop the .app file in one of the directories. To uninstall neoCatalog go to the directory and remove the .app file.

3. To launch neoCatalog, simply double-click the App icon in your application folder.




1. In your Downloads folder, double-click the file with the extension .exe file and the installer starts. In the first installation, you are required to allow Windows Firewall to access Java.

2. Once Java is installed, the application will prepare the installation.

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