The desktop application has preferences that provide application management and the locally created neoCatalog.

General preferences

From neoCatalog | Preferences you can manage the preferences of the neoCatalog App. 

  • Autoupdate - By default the update of neoCatalog is active. Here it can be disabled and it will not update neoCatalog automatically. The beta update can be enabled.
  • Activation - Daily check of application activation. The option to check manually is given with the button 'Check now'.

neoCatalog Connection Preferences

Each neoCatalog, local and remote, has its own preferences to manage connection details and backups. You can access the preferences when clicking right on the neoCatalog name icon on the sidebar and selecting 'Preferences'.

Local neoCatalog preferences

By default, the neoCatalog gets assigned an automatic hostname address and port 9399. In case of other necessary configurations, the port can be changed.

If you need to work with IP disable the option 'Use automatic host' and you will be able to add the IP address of the host.

The backup of the database will be executed daily at 03:00 am if the application is unclosed. Or else, the backup will be processed when the application starts.  

Restore backup database:

However, the option to create manually the backup is given with the button Backup now. The date and time are shown next to it. The "restore" option must be handled manually. 

  1. Go to /Users/xxx/Documents/neoCatalogs/My_Catalog/Database/ and rename current database "" to "". 
  2. Now, go to /Users/xxx/Documents/neoCatalogs/My_Catalog/Database/Backups/. Select and unzip the backup you want. This action will create a file named "". 
  3. Copy the unzipped "" in /Users/xxx/Documents/neoCatalogs/My_Catalog/Database/ and restart the application.


Remote neoCatalog preferences 

Here is the used remote neoCatalog server IP or URL, which can be changed if required. 

Remove neoCatalogs and connections

This option can access when clicking right on the neoCatalog icon on the left bar and selecting 'Remove'. 

You can remove the local neoCatalog, but still, keep your files on the disk or select the possibility to delete files, which cannot be undone.

The files are stored in:

  • macOS: /Users/<USER>/Documents/neoCatalogs/<YOURCATALOG>/
  • Windows: C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\neoCatalogs\<YOURCATALOG>\

Files and data of remote neoCatalog still remain on the Server disk and can be removed from there.

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