If we detect problems with the comunication between the printer and neoStampa, we can configure the connection by Spooler.

By Spooler Widows manage the sending, and can be a good way to fix the connection problems.

In this case we will configure one connection by TPC/IP, to be used in neoStampa. 

  1. The first thing, is go to Control Panel
  2. Click on Devices and Printers
  3. Add a new printer
  4. Click on “the printer is not on this list”
  5. Select “Add one local printer or by network with manual configuration”
  6. ”Create a new port”    -    “Standard TCP/IP port”
  7. Write the adress IP
  8. Select “Generic” and “Generic / Text Only”
  9. Write the name of the Printer connection
  10. Don’t Share this printer
  11. Don’t check to “use the printer by default”
  12. On the Control Panel, right click on the new printer that we’ve created, and check the printer properties

Advanced options, and “Print directly on the printer” to send the information while we are printing, and control the production if you cancell the job on the printer.

In neoStampa, configure the connection by Spooler, and select the spooler that you have generated in th previous steps.

With this connection setup, we will not loose the connection.