Plug in the nT dongle and run Photoshop. The first time you use this module you will be required to go through an Activation process.

Open a design and click on File in the context menu bar, go to Automate, and then click on nT Activation Manager 8.0

The Product activation window pops-up: 

On the upper field appears the dongle number. You may have more than one dongle in the USB ports in your computer. Check if you are going to activate the right one by viewing its information. For that, click on the information icon:  

Type your User and Company names. These two pieces of information are just for your recording, as they don’t affect the activation process whatsoever.

The last step of the Activation can be performed in two different ways, as we will see next.



When you purchase the license from Inèdit, you will receive an .xdat file, which is used to Activate the plug-ins. 

Press Load, at the bottom of the Product activation window, and choose the .xdat file from your computer.  

If everything’s right, you will immediately get a notice of successful Activation:



If, for whatever reasons, you get from Inèdit and Activation Code instead of the .xdat file,you will need to type -or copy-paste- it on the Activation Code 

field, and then press Activate: