Plug in the nT dongle and run Photoshop. The first time you use this module you will be required to go through an Activation process.

The Activation process is a one-time action. Plug in the neoTextil dongle and run Photoshop®. Click on File | Automate and then click on nT Activation Manager 8.XX. You will access the Product activation dialog. The Activation Manager recognises the number of dongle (65xxxxxxx), which is shown in the Personal Code field. Using UUID activation it will show the unique identifier number of 10 digits. 

You can check if the dongle or the UUID number and the Personal Code coincide, by pressing on the information icon  next to the Personal Code.

If you have more than one dongle plugged in the computer, you will be able to select the one you want to activate.

Next, type your personal data with an user and company name on the given fields. This information is merely for your own record and has no purpose in the activation process.

Finally, enter the Activation code, which will be loaded by default with the XDAT file, that Inèdit will also provide you via email or in a USB memory, together with the installer and documentation about the Photoshop Plug-ins.

Select the field Activation Code, press on the Load button and choose the XDAT file. The activation will process automatically.

Optionally, if you have received the activation code you can type or copy-paste the code and press the Activate button.

If the code is correct, you will get the following successful Activation notice: