With the Color setups options you can determine the space and profile that you need. 

Assign profile allows to change the profile, choosing a new one from the drop-down list.  


The Preserve Color numbers option maintains the value of colors in a new profile. Instead, if the option is not ticked, colors will change to the new profile.   

For example, if If you convert the value RGB (255,0,0) from the profile ‘A’ to ‘B’, it changes to a new value RGB (233,5,0) keeping the same coloration. Instead, keeping the option ticked, if you assign the value RGB (255,0,0) from the profile ‘A’ to ‘B’, the value RGB is the same but the color will change.

The Convert to profile option opens a new window: 

You can choose a new destination Space, change the Profile or the Render intents: