Select the button with an arrow on the right corner: 

And get the print preview with the context menu on the right, to change various parameters: 

Set the values in the different groups of the Colorations window: AdjustmentsColorations, Size and Color Samples.

  • The Adjustments section allows for page size, custom or standard, and page orientation: 

  • You can choose the number of colorations to print in the Colorationssection, placing them in Columns and Rows: 

According to the above settings, the print would look like this: 

If you wish to change the order of the colorations, click on any of them to change to the one you want for that position. The Colorway options becomes active, where you can select any coloration opened: 

Take into account that when you have many colorations opened, and you have the Multicolorations set, only the ones below the one you have selected will be in the print.

When you want to print only one coloration, do not tick the Multicolorations box.

  • In Size, a  list with options for the design dimension unfolds: 

  • Color Samples options are to determine first if we wish to include the color patches in the print or not. Tick the Export box to include them. 

The Options button above opens up a dialog to select the position of the Color patches within the printable page, and decide whether Background patch or Inactive patches shall also be included: 

The Change button takes us back to the computer’s library Layouts with extension .lyt, in case we wish to change the layout of color patches. 

  • In the final section there are several options to save the document:  

Generate document in Photoshop exports a coloration and has to be saved when leaving nT Colorations module. The option When selecting Save file to disc you will choose a location.