Affects Version/s: 8.0

neoStampa supports device inks coloring using Photoshop™ PDF with embedded Alpha channel files. This section describes how to create PDF files from Photoshop with Spot Colors and print them with neoStampa using Device Inks. Here are no special requirements for Photoshop. 

Create PDF with Alpha channel

Open an RGB image and create as many spot color channels as you need. Solidity value it's not relevant and on Channel Options make sure that Spot Color is selected.

Save PDF with Alpha channel

To save the file follow these settings:

  • Select format Photoshop PDF
  • Enable Spot Colors
  • Embed color profile sRGB IEC61996-2.1

In step General:

  • Use Press Quality preset
  • None Standard
  • Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4) compatibility
  • Enable option to preserve Photoshop Editing Capabilities
  • Enable option to optimize for Fast Web Preview

In step Compression:

  • Select option to Do Not Downsample
  • Chose compression ZIP
  • Image Quality 8 Bit

In step Output:

  • Select No Conversion in Color Conversion
  • Select Include Destination Profile in Profile Inclusion Policy
  • Click on Save PDF to complete the saving of the newly created PDF file.

Load PDF with Alpha Channel in neoStampa

Select the calibration that you want to use from Printer Scheme Manager and go to PDF/Postcript tab. Enable Photoshop PDF rendering options and keep the settings as you see on the screenshot. Click on Save to make it active.

Open the Pdf file with neoStampa, a small window will pop on the screen detecting the Photoshop Spot Color.

To get the window, the Suppress Filter Dialog in the Open File dialog must be disabled.

To make changes in device inks, go to Special Colors from Control Center and double click on Special Colors list selecting the Spot Color.

In the Special color configuration-dialog select the device color inks setup. Finally type your desired device values, click OK and print the PDF file.

Clicking on Selection from Control Center you can view the File information properties of the PDF file, like Creator, Photoshop etc.