Affects Version/s:

6.9, 8.0, 8.1


Cannot establish connection with neoCatalog and have no action available to publish colorways to neoCatalog.


The chance that the XML file configuration is wrong is very high. Verify that the XML files InSwLocalHostRipSetting.xmland InSwLocalHostServerSetting.xml are configured correctly  ( Refer to the sample files and edit the using the required neoCatalog URL and neoCatalog user login name. 

Before starting to set up the configuration files check the following points to avoid connection failures.

1) Test Network Conditions

Web browser

To make sure the problem isn’t restricted to just one website, try visiting another—preferably one that’s highly reliable, such as Similarly, to make sure the problem isn’t just your current Web browser, try connecting to the Internet with another app. If only one site seems to be having problems, try visiting Down For Everyone Or Just Me and entering the problematic site’s URL. The service will tell you whether computers elsewhere on the Internet can successfully connect to the site.

Check Ping

A ping test is a method of checking if the computer is connected to a network. It also determines the latency or delay between two computers. It is used to ensure that a host computer which your computer tries to access is operating. A ping test is run for troubleshooting to know connectivity as well as response time. Following examples are showing successful network connection.


Open terminal from Applications or search for terminal  in Spotlight function. Type ping  (SPACE) and the URL of neoCatalog Server (ENTER). 


Go to Start | Run and type cmd or search for cmd.exe in the Windows Search function. Type ping  (SPACE) and the URL of neoCatalog Server (ENTER). 

2) Verify that neoCatalog Server URL is correct

To make sure the provided neoCatalog URL is correct, open any Web browser and type the name or IP. In the URL field of the browser, enter as example When the connection is working, the login window of neoCatalog will be displayed. 

3) Verify that neoCatalog userID is correct

To make sure the provided neoCatalog userID is correct, in the login window enter check following:  

  1. Select the language you want to use during the session. 
  2.  Enter neoCatalog’s login user name “user” and password “user”. 
  3.  Press Log in
  4. With the correct user name you will enter neoCatalog’s designs showroom.

4) Verify download colorway XCM works with image name

This is an option to check if there are no problems in access and permission of neoCatalog folders on the  server. Use the following example and copy and paste in any web browser, to verify the download:

When there are no accessing issues the following image shows the successful view:

5)Permissions of XML

To make sure that the XML configuration files have correct file permissions, you have to check its permission mode in the default locations.

Mac: Get Info

Click the file or folder to select it. From the File menu, select Get Info. Check that the permissions are assigned correctly to all persons with Read & Write. If not, click on the permission where you can change it.

Windows: Properties

Click the file and click the option that says Properties. Go to the Security tab, which will allows you to change the permissions of each user concerning the file. Check that the permissions are assigned correctly to all users with Read and Write. If not, click on Advanced where you can change it.

Compare with previous configuration files

If another computer is already successful configured, take its configuration files and save it on the computer that has to be configured, change only the userID name in the XML file.