Affects Version/s: All versions of neoStampa 8 and neoStampa 9.

All Inèdit applications require a license to work properly. This license has two parts: a physical part (the black or green dongle we provide) and a digital part (an .xdat activation file also provided on the USB with the installation files). If you don't have a license, you can still run the programs in Demo Mode with most of the options available (in neoStampa's case, among other things, you're not allowed to print anything). 

For any issue regarding licenses (new license, upgrading, asking for a copy of the .xdat file), please contact Inèdit Tech Support.

New Activation

1. After installing neoStampa, the first time we run the program a license window will appear. We just have to make sure to connect the USB dongle to the computer, that the light on the dongle is on, and load the .xdat file by clicking on Explore... The activation code can also be copy-pasted manually on Introduce activation Key, if needed.  It is highly recommended to keep this file in the desktop, or somewhere you can access easily, for safekeeping.

2. After loading the .xdat file, we just have to click on Apply and the license will activate, opening a new Activation results window.

 Valid and life time licences

 Valid and temporary licences

 Not valid and expired licences

Be aware that if you have other Inèdit licenses, those might be listed in red color but only the one related to neoStampa will be activated (green).

At the bottom left corner of the window you can see all the dongles you have connected. If necessary, you can choose which one is to use for the activation.

3. Press OK to finish the activation. With successful activation, neoStampa starts automatically.

Update with a new Activation

If you have updated your license (from temporary to full-time license, for example), a new .xdat file will be provided. To update this license, we just have to follow these simple steps.

1. Copy the new .xdat activation file to the computer desktop or where we keep our activations.

2. Make sure that neoStampa is closed and the dongle is connected to the computer, and open neoStampa with the Shift key pressed until the Activation window opens.


3. With the program running, go to Help | Activation Keys... to open the Activation window.

4. Select the XDAT file you copied to the desktop by clicking on Explore.

5. Click on Apply to start the new activation.

For more information, please consult neoStampa manual on our website.
In case of doubt or for further information, please contact Inedit Techical Support.