version: 1.2.0

QueueManager is a companion to neoStampa that is installed along with this. Sometimes there might be QM  updates for testing that are not contained in the nS installation package.

In case nS version installed is the latest one but there is a later QM, this has to be installed manually according to the following process.

  1. Close nS and all opened companion apps, such us PrintServer, QM or neoControl.
  2. Open Task Manager and end all Rip Application, Node.js and neowebbrowser processes if any of these are opened.   
  3. Backup or rename this folder, C:\Program Files\Inedit\neoStampa 9\nsqm\.
  4. Expand the downloaded QM compressed file. You’ll get a folder called nsqm.
  5. Copy that folder and paste it in C:\Program Files\Inedit\neoStampa 9\.

And that’s it.