Prior to going to the article content as such are some essential verfications to do. We have made sure that both design file and neoStampa printer scheme are the same. Additionally, the color engine running on neoStampa is the recommended one (check this out if you are running neoStampa 8, ( Ink and substrate are correct too, printheads are in a good condition and the after-printing process is stable.

Among all neoStampa color setup controls, the most accessible for users are those of Color Balance. This tool is often used for quick color tweaks when printheads are damaged, no design edition is possible or there is an upcomming order that needs a rushy sampling session. As easy as it is to change ink levels it is to forget about it.

The purpose of this feature is to provide operators with a workaround when they are facing a damaged printhead issue that causes the ink amount triggered to be less than it should. It is strongly not recommended to use in any case due to the different nature of the solution from that of the problem, as Color Balance pushes printheads with more ink and that could make their deterioration deeper and quicker. 

Let's assume that production can be resumed after a break for urgent sampling with ink amounts changed on Color Balance on purpose. Here are the steps to take to restore the original ink balance before going back to production.

Open the Printer Scheme Manager on neoStampa by clicking on the ellipsis button next to the scheme selector.

Next, click on Ink tab, uncheck Color Balance checkbox and Save changes.

Run a short production strike-off and control it. This should be fine if there were no more changes to restore.