Eventually you might come across that Control Center shows no data on Statistics and Printing History but a data collection error message instead. There are several reasons for this, assuming all hardware involved in the data collection is on and working fine.



Take into consideration that to properly communicate between two computers, the Firewall and router ports need to be open. If the problem persists this might be due to changes in a database IP address on its workstation. Then the related data source would be shown as Offline and with the old IP address on Control Center. Remove it from the data source list and add it with the new IP address of the workstation followed by neoControl port number 49098 for neoStampa Delta versions or 9098 for neoStampa 9 versions.

Services stopped

It is essential that neoStampa Windows services are running in order to record and collect the printing data. The result is a blank page with no data.

Data Sources offline

Control Center data sources are the remote -or local- neoStampa data bases that eventually were linked to Control Center. After installing neoStampa Delta and printing, sometimes Control Center doesn't connect automatically with the database and there aren't any data

Solution 1

On Printing History page, click on the Refresh button to update the connection status of the source of the missing data and check that both Statistics and Printing History are showing it.

Solution 2

In this case, the data connection has to be set up manually. 
1. Click on the settings icon at the top right corner in the Statistics or Printing History sections to access Data Sources dialog.

2. LOCAL data: We introduce the IP and the neoControl default port 49098 (see port list below) so the program connects to the database and we click on 'Add'.

3. REMOTE data: In this case, introduce the remote computer's IP address and the neoControl port and click on 'Add' to link.

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