neoCatalog offers a very sophisticated management of groups of users.

To access the groups management, go to 'Management' in administration and find the listed option in 'Accounts'.

Default system groups

There are some default groups, but administrators are free to set up and edit groups in any way they see fit.

The four special groups in neoCatalog are:

  • Administrators will be able to perform most of the administrative functions, like assign privileges to other users. They can also access the neoCatalog Administration page.

  • Customers will be able to:
    • Designs: View (only owned), Export (only owned)
    • Colorways: Create, Export (only owned)
    • Simulations: View (only owned)

  • Designers will be able to:
    • Designs: View, Edit, Create, Export
    • Colorways: View, Edit, Create, Export
    • Galleries: Edit, Create
    • Users: Create
    • Simulations: View

  • Sales will be able to:
    • Designs: View, Edit
    • Colorways: Edit, Create
    • Galleries: Edit, Create
    • Users: Create
    • Simulations: View

Create Groups

Click on the 'Create Group' button to create a new group. A new dialog opens where you can introduce the group's name. 

Once the group is created, you will see it listed alphabetically in groups view. Now, in this new group the category and members have to be assigned. Click on the group name to enter the group. 

Or, from vertical dots, you can do:

  • Edit: Direct you to the group informations fields.
  • Duplicate: Creates a duplicate with name and category. Other required data has to be added and must differ to the original.
  • Delete: Removes the group and the assigned user will be released.

Manage Groups

Before adding members, the group needs the category with permissions. From 'Edit Group Permissions' you will access the modification options.

Once entered, you will see three parts to select the according options:

  • Category: Select the category which the group should be assigned to.
  • Privileges: View the default privileges according the selected category or set the privileges that fits best. 
  • Filter: Assign search filters which the group users can see only in the neoCatalog.

You can propagate privileges to the group's members, which means that the group privileges will overwrite single users privileges, or else take group's privileges and assign it to an user when the user is selected.

Speaking of users, after the group category and privileges edition now is the moment to add group members. Go back the group view with '< Back to Groups' and search the user name in the field, select and add it to the group. From vertical dotsyou can edit the user or delete from group.

Back in groups listed view, you can see the newly created group is using category and has one member.