After desktop app installation and activation you will reach the neoCatalog viewer.  The viewer is providing two options to create and work with neoCatalog:

  • Local is to create a local neoCatalog.
  • Remote is to connect to an existing neoCatalog Server.


Those two different options are available from the left bar once the connection and creation are completed. The local neoCatalog is indicated with a monitor icon. With the plus icon, you can create local or connect to server neoCatalog. But before that, let's have a look on the handling and management of Local and Remote neoCatalogs.

Local neoCatalog

With a local selection of neoCatalog, you are required to name your new neoCatalog. Enter a name and click on 'Create'. You will start the configuration of your own locally created neoCatalog using the Configuration Wizard.

Remote neoCatalog

With a remote selection of neoCatalog, you are required to establish the connection to have one of the given two options. One is to use the pair link received by invitation email and the other is to enter the URL of the neoCatalog Server.


How to connect with a pairing link?

1. In neoCatalog from the wheel icon and click on 'Send invitation Mail' option. In the new dialog enter the email address of the recipient that will be invited to connect to the neoCatalog Server. Give the recipients a name, if does not exist yet,  and select the system group to which the user has to be assigned.  neoCatalog provides system default groups using predefined privileges. For user privileges information check the information button. 

2. The neoCatalog server user that has sent the invitation will be notified when the invitation has succeeded.  

3. The recipient will receive one email providing a link to download and install neoCatalog app, if not done yet. When the app is installed, click on 'Accept Invitation' and you will be connected automatically to the neoCatalog Server using the app.

4. If the recipient is a new user, before entering to neoCatalog Server, it requires creating a new password. 

How to connect with neoCatalog server IP or URL?

Type the neoCatalog server IP or URL and click on 'Next' to connect with neoCatalog. Within a successful connection, it displays the login page.

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