Notifications in neoCatalog are a helpful system service that keeps users informed about various important events and activities through in-app messages and email notifications, regardless of whether they are actively using the application or not.  By effectively utilizing the Notifications feature, you can ensure that users stay updated and informed about important events and activities within neoCatalog.

To access the Notifications management, simply go to Administration in Management then Notifications, which you can find under the 'Accounts' section. Once you are on the Notifications page, you can easily search, select, or edit different types of notifications. 

When you select a specific notification type, you'll be able to see its details and contents displayed in the center of the page. Each notification type has the following elements:

  • Title: This is a fixed field and cannot be changed.
  • Level of the issue type: You can classify the severity level of the notification as Message, Warning, Error, or Critical Error.
  • Description: Here, you can provide additional information or context related to the notification. You have the flexibility to define your own description.
  • Suggestion: This field allows you to give suggestions or recommendations related to the notification.
  • Mail (Notification): By checking this option, you can enable email notifications to be sent along with in-app messages.
  • Allow duplicates: When enabled, this feature allows multiple instances of the same issue to be registered and notified each time it occurs. If disabled, the issue will be registered and notified only once.
  • Notify the user: You can select specific users to be included in the notification order. By pressing the '+' icon, you can add users to receive the notification.

Notification to enable email sending

From the unfolded tab user list, select the user that you want to notify and press to include the user in the notice order. Finally, in the notifications list, check the box to enable sending the email to the selected user. As soon as the notification is enabled and a new issue is created, email notifications will be sent to that user.

NOTE: Print notifications are managed by the WebAPI and must be in enabled in advanced preferences by the administrator.

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