This feature is optional and made for needs to generate and send print jobs directly Print Server from the Print dialog. To add Print Server(s) you need to enable the module first. Afterward, the option is available in 'Management' listed in 'Utilities'. 


Add Print Server 

With the 'Add Print Server' button, you can add manually new Print Servers using the IP and port when are active. The field for the token is used to place the security token generated in Print Server to authenticate the Print Server in neoCatalog. If you want to have the print start automatically active, enable the option Print straight.


Explore Print Server 

Using Bonjour protocol we will discover the print server automatically when clicking on 'Explore'. It will show the possible printers and with + you can add them in the list of your Print Server connections. Once added you can see the Print Server in the list below the search field. With 'Delete' you can remove the added Print Server.



This option is made to choose one user or group that normally has no permissions to print Servers and download design, but downloading. JPG/PDF. Simply search for the user or group name and click on 'Save'. Later in the Print dialog when the user is logged in then the option Send to neoStampa will be available from the Destination list.

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