Color libraries can be printed as per your convenience in different sizes, pages and order. Press the icon  below the color libraries and you will access the window with the print preview. The change of the sample layout can also be done from the color library gallery. Refer to section Sample Layouts and Templates in this manual.

Print layout settings

On the left of the window there are several parameters for the print layout as for size, resolution, organization of columns and rows, and number of pages.

  • Adjustments - Gives options for setting up the page size, resolution and orientation.

  • Organization - Colors organization, direction and scale factor.

  • Pages - To select specific pages in the color library, or export it fully.

  • Information - Shows the color library information for color amount, pages and profile.

  • Save and Make - Gives the option to export the pages in background with Save to Disk or in Photoshop with Make. 

Colors organization

The following example explains the colors organization in a page, using a horizontal DIN A3 with horizontal colors organization.  Selecting 3 columns and 2 Rows using automatic scale factor. Automatic scale factor will scale the color patches to fill the page width. In this example the automatic calculated scale is 285.61%. 

If you want to fill the page with color patches, press on Calculate and it will automatically increase the rows, in this example would be 5 rows. 

In case you want to use the 100% scale factor, enable the Automatic checkbox and change the scale to 100 % or other. The patches will be scaled and keep the previously selected column and rows organization. 

To fill out the page with patches using 100% scale factor, press on Calculate and it will automatically increase the rows and columns, in this example would be 8 columns and 16 rows.