When you finish the reading, the Densities and Ink cut dialog will pop-up. This dialog shows the measurement results based on LAB measurements per color. The Wizard will perform an automatic ink cut, based on the values obtained. The new values are based on 100% of ink. The single cut will be measured by the software.

Light inks transition

In Light inks transition you can pre-set the best ink transition. It offers some possibilities to increase or decrease the amount of light ink used in the dark and light calculation. The recommended mode is "Normal" .

The Advanced… button will take to another window where more settings can be applied for the light inks. Only very expert technicians should change any of them.  If you have a very delicate media and encounter light ink excess, such as with glossy paper, you can toggle to use "Less light ink". If you need more light ink because your printhead has a low resolution or because you'd like to have more penetration using more light ink, then you can toggle to use "More light ink". Be careful with this mode since you might encounter some light ink excess.

Without Light inks

If your calibration is done without Light Inks, then step 3 can be avoided if none of the inks are cut at less than 60%.

When the inks are cut at a 60% or more, an option at the bottom right of the window appears. 

Ticking this option, the measurements will be used and no other test charts will need to be printed, as the densities performance is already done.