Hybrid coloring is coloring photographic image files with Alpha channel(s) in the format PSD, PSB, or TIFF. In order to work with the RGB+Alpha designs in neoCatalog and get the best result, it is important to respect the file construction. 

  • The RGB image has to be in a working ICC profile. The common masked part in the photographic design is the background. To do this use Photoshop tools, to select your desired area on the design, and where you want to color later.
  • Coloring the alpha channel in Photoshop you will create the embedded color.
  • In RGB channels the area needs to be removed or blank to avoid color addition in the colorway.

The photographic design file is ready to import as Digital Design into neoCatalog. Go to neoCatalog DropBox, and drop the design in the folder Photos.

After the importation, your design is visible in neoCatalog in a standard way, with an embedded Alpha channel. The Alpha channel is channel no. 1, as RGB is counted internally, but not visible. The internal neoCatalog background channel is hidden by default.