Disabled colorations

Colorations created in neoTextil 8.0 and anterior are not supported from neoTextil 8.1 versions and are locked  and indicated with the icon 8.0 which are viewable only and cannot be modified.

The locked protection is applied to secure the color informations unless you wish to modify them. The anterior colorways are not lost in colors and profiles. If you wish to use the colorations colors you have to duplicate or convert the coloration that has been created in version neoTextil 8.0.  Double-click on the coloration and options to duplicate or convert will appear. To keep previously colors you must duplicate the colorations. Or else, convert the colorations to the new version and it will not be able to be read in the anterior versions.

To apply this action automatically, in Preferences enable the preference to update colorations to the latest version and to will convert all colors of nT 8.0 and anterior colorways into the latest version.

Gradients colors

Gradient colors that has been created in anterior versions will be kept using anterior gradient type unless they are not modified in newer versions. Gradients are based to keep the hue in all colors. Other than version 8.1, that is generating gradients to keep gray colors in dark colors combinations. When using anterior colorways in 8.1, the gradients are converted. 

In Preferences the option 'Gradients' manages two types of gradient drift:

  • Classic will keep legacy gradients for colorations created in anterior nT Colorations versions.  When changing previously colors, it keeps the classic gradient type in hue colors. 
  • Accurate will apply the precise drift used from version 8.1. When changing previously colors, it converts to the accurate gradient type using gray colors.

Number of channels 

Colorways with more than 32 channels created in nT 8.0 and anterior must be duplicated to show and active all 32 channels in nT 8.1.

Color libraries

  • Color Libraries in 32bits color depth created in nT 8.1 are not supported in nT 8.0 and will appear blank.
  • Color Libraries created in 8.4 are not supported in anterior versions of neoTextil.