When reading a long list of colors, introducing all the names one by one might be a lot of work. One of the options we have is to write down beforehand this list and import it into neoMatch, which is quite easy.

We can only import a list of names when there are no readings on neoMatch, once there are any readings the names must be introduced manually one by one.

1. Using a text editor, we create a new list with the following format. If we're using a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel, for example) the ; is unneeded, we only have to make sure it's on the exported format (some formats use, instead of; for column separation).

    L;    A;    B;    NAME

    50;   0     0     COLOUR 01

    50;   0     0     COLOUR 02

    50;   0     0     COLOUR 03

2. We save this document into a .csv file and import it or drag it into a neoMatch document.

3. We click on Insert (at the bottom of the window) so it's changed to Overwrite so neoMatch overwrites the reference colors and we can start reading the references. When we finish, we click again so it's changed back to Insert and we can start the matching process.

We have to make sure that the names we're using on this library and the names we'll use on our design program (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Corel) are the same, so neoStampa is able to change their values. Please check .PDF and .csv attached to this documentation for an example.

This workflow only works with PDF documents with spot colors.