Up until version 3.11.x

Design and colorway ownership is a term that may lead to confusion initially.

Often ownership is wrongly assumed as the access to an artwork by a user in order to change its colors or printing layout, the kind of tasks that belong to users with the privilege to create or edit such artworks, that’s to say, Designers and colorists, who have been hired for that.

Ownership is rather defined by a purchase. Whereas Designers or colorists are employees or collaborators, customers are those who acquire their work outcome by a deal with the design supplier company.

On "Management/ Users" section, users with "User" category can be added. This is the category in which Designers and colorists belong.

Default "User" privileges 

Since "Owned" is their default privilege to edit designs and colorways, and Designers and colorists don't own either designs or colorways, they are not allowed to such actions when recently added to the user list.

User's privileges can be set to "Allowed" by the Adminstrator any time, but this would apply for all designs or colorways and perhaps not all them are suitable for that very user and privilege.

In case you are a neoCatalog Administrator and want to assign design and colorway ownership to Designers we kindly ask you to contact Inèdit to get this privilege working like that.

Since version 3.12.0

A preference was added to change the behavior of the privilege "Owned" for Designers, so that they are allowed to manage designs and colorways without any restriction.

This preference is selected by default. Should Administrators decide to stop "Owned" privilege working like this and to take it back to the old behavior, they can unselect the checkbox located in "Administration/ Preferences/ Viewing Options". This change would only concern Designers.