neoCatalog Standalone

When working in neoCatalog Standalone, we have the possibility to open the logs while the application is running.

Press alt + shift + n to open neoCatalog web log: This log shows the process of the application processes (import, download, etc.).

Press alt + shift + w to open neoCatalog app log: This log shows the app informations in connections and updates.

neoCatalog Server

When working in neoCatalog Server that is installed in server environments, we have the possibility to download the logs from Administration in System Info with button Download logs at the bottom. It will download a ZIP file containing the all logs before the last started application run.

NOTE: Be aware that the ZIP file can have high file size (more than 1GB) that can cause a temporary out of memory error in neoCatalog for the logged-in user while downloading the logs. In this case it is required to connect to the server to take the logs.

Get in contact with the developer before connecting to the customer servers.

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