neoMatch is defined to be used as a calibration tester with a selection of colors, which grants the possibility of printing a predetermined combination of colors, to know if a calibration serves different media and to control after-printing processes such as washing or steaming.


Delta Checker Colors

1. Import Delta Checker Colors

When opening neoMatch, an untitled job window opens, otherwise open it from File | New. It is always recommended to save documents as we move along. From Utilities | Delta Color Checker References… the color references will be loaded in the job window. As mentioned before, you need to insert the ICC profile to match the colors with the color space of the profile.

2. Export Delta Checker Colors

In order to export such colors using a specific profile, media, and inks in your printer, which we will read or measure later on, press the References TIFF button or from the File menu. A new dialog with the Print Layout will be shown. The print layout parameters can be modified. Press Export to save the TIFF image file, to print with your printer.


3. Measure Delta Checker Colors

Make sure to open Measurement Settings to select the required options and calibrate the spectrophotometer. It is important to verify that the number of patches to read matches the Scan Count and has 13 columns in measurement settings. Once your TIFF file is printed, select the first color in the list and proceed to read the patches with the spectrophotometer. If the window doesn't open automatically, because neoMatch was closed between the steps exporting and measuring, load the .ref text format file, which is exported together with the TIFF file.

Proceed to read the patches in rows, from first to last, in the scan or spot mode. Start and stop to measure from white media. The next patch to scan will be indicated automatically until the reading is finished. Measure in the first row from left to right (A) and in the second row from left to right (B). When the process is finished, another dialog indicates you so.

With the next window, the Delta Checker process is over, as we see what are the different Delta E values between your ICC Profile and Delta Checker print.

Two conclusions can be drawn from these DeltaE readings:

  • If ALL the values were high, we could conclude that the printer is not properly calibrated.
  • If only certain references have high DeltaE values, it could mean that such colors cannot be reproduced with the ICC profile, materials or printer used.

Inedit test colors

When printing with neoStampa's test file inedit_printtest_v2.tif in neoStampa (path to file in neoStampa installationC:\Program Files\Inedit\neoStampa 10\Color\TestFiles\Test\), then the color reference of the color patches in that image can be added in neoMatch from Utilities | Inedit Test V2 References: