1. From File | Link to neoCatalog... connect neoMatch with neoCatalog. A window pops up with reference to go to neoCatalog and copy the QR code.

2. Go to neoCatalog and login with your user name and password. Click on the wheel button next to the user login and select 'Link App' and then 'Link with neoMatch'.

3. New dialog opens giving two options to click on the application icon and to link with neoMatch, or if your app is not listed copy the QR to paste it in your neoMatch. If you click on the application icon to link with neoMatch, it will establish connection immediately. The option to copy the content of the device connection QR code on click. It copies the url to your clipboard. When you press ctrl + v, it pastes the url. Back in neoMatch, paste the QR code in the required field and click on Link to establish the connection.

4. With successful connection you will get notified on notifications center banner or from File menu you can see if the connection is established. 

TIP: If the connection fails, verify if the network connection or neoCatalog service is working.

5. neoMatch can be disconnected any time from File | Disconnect from 'Name of neoCatalog', 

or else from neoCatalog Licensing page from Administration in section Linked Apps.

Once neoMatch is disconnected from neoCatalog, the link must be established again using the QR code as described in the first step.