This option enabled will add print document informations attached to the print document. It is in the Properties branches.


1. Select the Crop and registration marks option from Properties.

2. Enable the document information checkbox.

3. To print the document name and print informations in different position, you have four positions to do so, and you can decide its distance in respect to the design. The 'Lock position' allows that the text information is aligned to the image files according the rotation. 

4. The 'Distance' is defining the space between the document and the print informations. By default is 0.20 cm.

5. The 'Setup…' button opens print information window to select data and position:

  • Select fonts that are installed in your system. The text is mirrored with the document by default, but can be disabled with the corresponding checkbox.
  • You can enter user text that will be printed with every print job, when the option is enabled.
  • The information can be aligned in left, center or right. 
  • Working with spot color replacement you will have color patches for the spot colors detected in document. When selecting the data 'Color replacement palette' in the print information setup, then the section for patch layout becomes available. Here you can define the size and the distance between the patches, both in horizontal and vertical. The lowest option allows to show the color space information (ICC name).

    INFO: Patches of color replacement patches are limited to 64.

6. Once the data is selected, continue with OK.  The print informations will be previews in the view automatically.

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