The window shows the Job Queue which appears at the bottom of the working area.

The Queue menu bar

From left to right, the buttons perform the following functions:

  1. Button to Activate the Job Queue;
  2. Button to Stop the Job Queue;
  3. Button to obtain information from a selected job;
  4. Button to Add a processed file (prn, plt) to the Job Queue;
  5. Button to process or send the selected job;
  6. Button to momentarily stop the selected job;
  7. Button to stop printing any more copies than the one being printed;
  8. Button to Cancel a job;
  9. Button to take a job at the head of the queue;
  10. Button to take a job upper on the list of the queue;
  11. Button to take a job down on the list of the queue;
  12. Button to take a job at the bottom of the queue;
  13. Button to eliminate from the queue the jobs selected;
  14. Button to eliminate all jobs finished;
  15. Button to eliminate all jobs, whatever their estate;
  16. Button to access the Cost of printing utility;
  17. Button to access the configuration of the Job queues.


A context menu, which pops up clicking with the right button of the mouse on any particular job, shows the same buttons as above in a different distribution.


  • When selecting the Process / Send option, the following window is displayed. In this window, three possible options appear: Process Only, Process, and Send and Send. When you send a job you will be able to set the number of identical copies desired. You also have the possibility to send a processed job to a file, selecting the location for it in the computer. In Copy mode, the number of copies desired can be introduced.

  • The Length mode will only be activated for Rapport prints (unlimited copies), when the option is activated in the RIP, and if a Rapport document has been generated. Here you can set up the desired length of the printout. The options of establishing a Bi-directional Print and Cut Sheet at the End can be selected on this window too. Finally, the option Origin Setup can be established here, leaving some unprinted media space both lengthwise (Pre-feed) and/or widthwise (Displacement).

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