1. Start neoStampa and open the printer driver configuration.

2. Add your printer driver and once is added, enable the option to use the local Print Server. This will configure the driver to print with Print Server.

3. By clicking on the Start button, the application can be run from this dialogue.  The 'Auto' option defines if the Print Server should be activated automatically on starting neoStampa. 

4. Later in the neoStampa print document view when your print job is ready to print, click 'Print!' and you will enter the 'Rip Options'. Click on the 'Start Print Server...' button to start the Print Server queue. The port (starting at 49090) is assigned automatically.

5. It opens a new Print Server window that remains active for new print jobs and is set as the default printer queue.

6. Back in RIP Options click on 'Print!' at the bottom and it will send the job to the Print Server.

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