Licensed controlled working with neoStampa (client) and printing with remote Print Server (printer), which has disabled neoStampa printing queue. Simply configure your driver with a Print Server connection and you can send the print jobs to the print server.


1. Start neoStampa and open the printer driver configuration.

2. Add your printer driver and in connection select the remote Printer Server with connection type PRNSVR: (PrintServer).

3. Click on Options... and select the IP to your remote Print Server in the list. This will configure the driver to print with a remote Print Server. The token is:

4. With Test... you can look for the IP and port to verify if the reach of the remote Print Server is possible.

5. In neoStampa prepare the job to print. Click on 'Print!' and in the RIP Options dialog, select the scheme or use the default scheme and click on 'Print!' at the bottom, and it will send the job to the remote Print Server.

6. The remote printer schemes you will get in neoStampa when downloading it from the printer scheme dialog while clicking 'Refresh' below the scheme list tab.  The scheme is locked and read-only.

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