The cost calculation of printing jobs is an unresolved matter for the majority of digital printing software since it is very difficult to calculate the exact quantity of ink that will be used in each job. neoStampa offers a job control function for digital printing, gathering all the information from a job, and providing a cost calculation before the actual print. 

Job consumption

The ink cost button in the upper menu calculates the quantity of ink that will be needed to print the job you have prepared. With this value, you can already have a close idea of the cost of your print.

Control Center

With Control Center you will be able to calculate the cost of any job. This feature allows you to organize Job Queues, send new jobs, erase the costs before printing, and all this from an authorized computer with an internet connection. Generally speaking, Control Center has been created so that you can access all the information on your printers in an easy and friendly way. 

From neoStampa, you can access Control Center by clicking on the 'Cc' button from the top bar.

  • Within this application, there are sections with the options Statistic, Job Queues, and Printing History.
  • In Consumable you will be able to set the cost of materials and inks. Any time you have a new media or type of ink, you will be able to set their price by clicking on the new option, and also entering name, reference, supplier, etc.
  • Selecting the Jobs History you will view all the jobs that have been completed with neoStampa.

Printers managed with a native software

When the neoStampa connection is set to "FILE:" or perhaps different from the supported communication protocols, RIP files are often sent to another PC or application, which controls the printer and sets the job up for production, mostly in terms of overall length, and width.

In case we wanted to get the consumption details of the production on Control Center, we could not because neoStampa cannot get them from the PC or application that controls the printer.

There are a lot of printers that require their own software to set jobs up for production. What is demanded from neoStampa is color management on images to print. These manufacturers should have provided their customers with access to consumption details on the printer software, if available.

Previous version

until version 1.4.1

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