The Print Server variables allow you to use and add several supported data info of the job in your XML jobs and view it in the job output.


Comment text added in the field Comments.


Name of the printer driver.


Length value of printed media.


Variation name of variation option. (optional)


Path of the preview image of the job.


Name of the neoStampa scheme.


Date and Time of the printed job.


neoStampa version number.


Name of software: neoStampa.


Title of the job.


Date and Time in the last activity of the printed job.


Name of output file defined in <OutPutFilename></OutPutFilename> in XML.


Name of the computer user.


The scale of the image X axis.


The scale of the image Y axis.


Name of the computer.


Description of the print job, including the document sizes, the scheme used, internal configuration files, etc. It can be configured via the statistic application interface.

To learn how to create and edit XML jobs, you can request at Inèdit Software S. L. the documentation of neoRipEngine.