In this section, you will find the statistical data derived from your production, such as ink and material consumption, printing speed, and productivity, in the desired time interval. The default ink consumption view is "Overall". It can be switched to "Ink by ink" at any time by the user. The basic functions, which are accessed from the buttons in the upper right, are the configuration of consumables, the page reloads, and the setup of access to the database. 

Filter by date

Below the title top bar are the printer driver, printer scheme, and date range selectors. The printer selector displays a dropdown list of all printers in all connected workstations when clicked on. The scheme selector shows either all the schemes if no printer is selected or those that belong to the selected printer only. 

The date range can either be selected among the default ones, entered by typing it on the field, or entered by selecting the start and finish dates. 


To obtain the historical printing data, it is necessary to connect the remote control machine with each of the neoStampa databases of all the printing machines. The storage and management system for this data is called neoControl. 

  • The connection to the local neoStampa Delta database is automatic and the default port is 49098. 
  • To connect to a remote neoControl that belongs to an older neoStampa version, enter the IP address or DNS name of the remote printing machine in the corresponding field. 
  • The database port on neoStampa 9 versions is 9098.

Previous version

until version 1.4.1

INFO: Charts visualizations are shown until 90 days.

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