neoCatalog Layouts are created in XML and TJB format using design and colorway information, adding or not simulation models, using your logo or a generated QR code. neoCatalog provides default Layouts with the most common information for designs and colorways. Refer to the layout description to view the specifications. 

In 'Layouts' you can upload and download your custom layouts as XML, TJB, and other required files such as logos and fonts. To access the layouts table, go to 'Management' in administration and find the listed options in 'Materials'. 

Here you can upload layout files in XML and TJB format and other required files as logos and fonts. The layouts will be saved in /neoCatalogs/QuickPrint/Layouts/


Customize neoCatalog Default Layouts

If you wish to use your logo in the default layouts, you can replace it easily by yourself.

  1. Your logo image file shouldn't be higher than 236px x 36px.
  2. Use RGB mode.

Save your logo in format TIFF with the name Logo. tif and place it in the Layouts folder. Your TIFF file will replace Inedit's logo and will be used in the layouts.

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