In Fabric, you can create types of fabrics, and fabric categories with descriptions of their characteristics that can be used in request orders. To access the fabric table, go to 'Management' in administration and find the listed options in 'Materials'. 

In the next window, on the left of the page, you can search, select, or add new fabrics with '+'. In the filter list, the fabric name will be shown in reference and name. 

To edit, selecting one fabric you will see the information on the right:

  • Reference*
  • Name*
  • Category
  • Composition
  • Fabric Width in cm
  • Weight gr/m2
  • Performance
  • Construction Type
  • Price by meter €
  • Keyword Restriction
  • Exclusive
  • Customer
  • Description
  • Profile Path
  • Preview file

If you no longer need to use a fabric, you can easily enable or disable it by clicking the button located at the bottom of the page.

Don't forget to press Save after any new information about the Fabric or a new creation.

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