neoCatalog offers a very useful tool to generate multiple new colorways with different color combinations, using your color libraries, and very fast. Those colorways can be created with multichannel and hybrid designs.


1. Select one colorway in the colorways view or open the colorway details view.

2. From the menu bar, choose the option 'Random colorways' option from the '+' button.

3. New colorway combinations will be displayed using the color library. If you want to get different color combinations, you could generate more with the corresponding button:

4. Another option to generate random colorways more accurately, is by blocking some channels and generating further colorways that would have the selected colors. Clicking on the channel you want, the padlock of the channels that you choose will show locked.

5. Double-clicking on any colorway will be selected and pinned. 

6. If you wish to publish a pinned colorway, or discard it, use the buttons on the top left corner of the design. 

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