In nT Colorations, there is the possibility to measure and add color into colorways by reading them from a spectrophotometer device. Before you start reading the colors, you will have to connect the device and set up the spectrophotometer connection.



Step 1: Setup Device 

1. Open the Preferences dialog from the bottom left window, to find a section to set up the spectrophotometer. 

2. Choose the Device, Mode, and Measurements from the list given, in order to read a color directly on a textile or on paper.  Supported Spectrophotometers are: 

  • X-Rite 
  • Eye-One 
  • i1Pro3 / i1Pro3Plus 
  • Barbieri SpectroPad

3. The readings can be 1x or 3x. When selecting a single, the device reads the color reference directly from the color. The 3x option makes three readings and provides an average value. The 'Configure...' button opens the options for : 

  • Illuminant - (A/B/C/D50/D55/D65/D75).
  • Observer - (2º/10º).
  • UV filter - Perform a measurement on the plain white media to check if the spectrophotometer needs to be set to use a UV filter (b* < -4). 

Step 2: Calibrate Device

Before you start reading the colors, you will have to calibrate the white reference of the spectrophotometer (only the first time). Connect the Spectrophotometer and place the cursor on the white plate. Click on 'Calibrate...' and chose the option Absolute as it uses a white reference. To start the calibration of the device, press the device button or hit the 'Read' button. 

Step 3: Measure Colors to Coloration

Open the 'Channel options' window of one color channel. Place the device on a color reference and use it to operate a measurement. The color will be measured in the selected channel. When you keep measuring (spot measurement for one color reference) while the Channel Options window is open, each measured color will be assigned to the next channel of the design.


Or else, from the color picker of one color channel from the Channel Options windows, you can measure colors. Place the device on a color target and click on the Read color... button to operate a measurement.

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