The technical cards support input image data to enter from any image file. This is managed by the template that is installed with neoTextil on your computer.

  • macOS: /Users/<USER>/Documents/neoTextil/ImageData
  • Windows: C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\neoTextil\ImageData


The technical card supports the following information:

  • Name of document
  • Name of coloration
  • Date
  • Time
  • Comments
  • Channels
  • Active channels
  • Rapport
  • Direction of rapport
  • Document width in pixel
  • Document width in mm
  • Document width in cm
  • Document width in m
  • Document width in inch
  • Document width in points
  • Document height in pixel
  • Document height in mm
  • Document height in cm
  • Document height in m
  • Document height in inch
  • Document height in points
  • Document resolution in dpi
  • Document resolution in pix/cm
  • The color mode of coloration
  • Profile of coloration
  • Photoshop RGB Profile
  • Photoshop CMYK Profile
  • Photoshop Lab Profile
  • Localization


1. Select a colorway from the colorations previews list. From the button (page+), under the colorations previews, or right-clicking on any coloration, you can find the option 'Cmd+I - Information…' to open the technical card. The technical card opens, with filled information of the image data. This data can be exported in .dat format or imported from others.

2. If you work with customized technical cards, from the 'Information' window, the button 'Template…' allows you to select it.


3. Navigate to the customized technical card location or store it in the neoTextil documents default folder in /Users/<USER>/Documents/neoTextil/ImageData/.

4. Select the file with .id extension. The card will be displayed. Introduce the parameters that you want by double-clicking next to the text and then clicking on Done. 

5. To see the information in your custom template layout, below the colorways small previews, press the icon and you will access the Template window. Click on the 'Change...' button to access the computer's location where the templates are installed: /Users/USER/Documents/neoTextil/Templates/.

6. Select your custom template .crd and your input data in the technical card will be embedded in the template.