nT Colorations can work and sync with the neoCatalog application using your design multichannel file in neoCatalog with multiple users to create new colorways in neoTextil Colorations and publish to neoCatalog. By configuring this, you will be able to work with shared color libraries, download colorways from neoCatalog into nT Colorations and publish new colorways created in nT Colorations to neoCatalog. 

After neoTextil installation in Adobe® Photoshop®, connect nT Colorations with neoCatalog using nC neoCatalog Panel.


The following steps will guide you on how to use the design file and publish a new colorway with the established connection between neoCatalog and neoTextil Colorations.


Remote Designs

If you don't have a design file available on your computer, you can download it from neoCatalog with nC neoCatalog Panel. Login in neoCatalog from nC neoCatalog Panel and select one design to download. It will download the design's original file with no special features in your Adobe® Photoshop® and in your computer's local Downloads folder. Open the design file in Adobe® Photoshop® and start neoTextil Colorations.

Load Colorways

When you start in neoTextil Colorations, the HTTP connection bar will indicate the established connection. After the connection is established neoTextil Colorations will indicate remote (neoCatalog) and embedded (file) colorways. You can duplicate them all or decide which colorways you want to view, also apply the decision in all colorways with the checkbox Apply all. You can proceed without any decision by closing the dialog.


When proceeding by closing the dialog, you will view the remote and embedded colorways. The remote neoCatalog colorways are shown with the global icon on the top and locked at the bottom of each colorway preview. Published colorways cannot be modified.


Shared Color Libraries 

With the same connection, you can load and use visible neoCatalog's color libraries, and create new colorways. Working with shared neoCatalog color libraries using selected ICC profiles in neoCatalog, the profile information will be downloaded and used in nT Coloration's color library and colorways.

Publish new colorway

Create or duplicate and color a new colorway in order to publish it to neoCatalog. Click the mouse right-click on the colorway and press on Publish to neoCatalog. While publishing, you'll receive a new colorway under the neoCatalog rules (different name or other changes) published.

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