Once the simulation panels are created, you can start to make the virtual simulation. To apply a texture or a color or texture scale to any of the panels, or all of them, you must have the preview tools LQ or HQ selected. Next, select any panel from the list of panels, or else you can select it from the image preview. 


Design Texture

To apply designs to your panels, select the second to have an image in the Texture dialog.  Click on the empty square to choose it from your computer.


The scale option increases or reduces the size of the texture simulation in the object without changing the grid size and proportion of the grid. By default is a 100% scale, a minimum of 10%, and a maximum of 400%.


1. If you wish to apply color, select the button next to the white square.

2. Then click on the color square and the Color picker will pop up, from where you can assign a color to the selected panel. Your panel will show the desired color.

3. You can apply the color to all the panels, by selecting the 'Apply all' button on the right.


4. Another option to apply color is to use the eye-dropper to select a color of the applied design to use as the simulation color. The color will be applied in the group.

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