neoTextil nT Coverage is a module for Adobe® Photoshop® in Macintosh and PC environments, which allows you to calculate the amount of gray and the coverage of each channel of the image for any image mode.

File formats                                                           

The following file formats are supported by, and are compatible with nT Colorations:

File formats: 

Multichannel formats (PSD, PSB, TIF)      

Color spaces:   



The following scheme shows the available windows in nT Coverage. It shows all the channels of the image with its name with a small preview, the gray level, and the coverage of the channel. The 'Gray Level' is the amount of ink, in proportion, necessary to cover the channel. The 'Coverage' is the proportion of the channel that has gray information. 

Data format

Text format:

1  nT Coverage
2  14/03/2018 12:25:08
4  Canal  Gray  Cobertura
5  ------------------------------------  
6  6cru  37.56%  37.78%
7  5beig  19.26%  47.11%
8  4taronja clar  9.96%  16.73%
9  3taronja fort  3.26%  12.42%
10  2gris fort  1.70%  10.45%
11  1negre  53.47%  53.47%

XML format:

<Document name="1042R.psd">
<DateTime  date="14/03/2018" time="12:25:22"/>
<Coverage  numChannels="6">
<Channel  coverage="37.78%" gray="37.56%" index="0" name="6cru"/>
<Channel  coverage="47.11%" gray="19.26%" index="1" name="5beig"/>
<Channel coverage="16.73%" gray="9.96%" index="2" name="4taronja clar"/>
<Channel coverage="12.42%" gray="3.26%" index="3" name="3taronja fort"/>
<Channel coverage="10.45%" gray="1.70%" index="4" name="2gris fort"/>
<Channel coverage="53.47%" gray="53.47%" index="5" name="1negre"/>

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